Re: [Classicrendezvous] Any GALLI experts/afficiandos on CR list?

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Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2000 09:11:34 -0500
From: Stephen Spielman <>
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Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Any GALLI experts/afficiandos on CR list?
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Over the years, I have seen many fewer Galli parts than GPM, but they took very similar routes to assembling their complete gruppos. That is to say, for many of the parts that they did not manufacture themselves, they sourced them from manufacturers in France. For the top of the line Galli group, this meant that they sourced derailleurs and shifters from Simplex, and cranksets and headsets from Stronglight. Galli stsrted out making their own rear derailleur (although the pulleys were Simplex) but gave it up in favor of the re-badged Simplex Super LJ sometime in the early 80's. Galli is probably most often remembered for producing their parts in a range of anodised colours. They always managed to sponsor some second tier Italian pro team, and that tradition continues today with the Selle Italia- Aguardiente- Nectar squad...although I have no idea of what the company still makes... Steve Spielman Maryland wrote:
> Hey Gang,
> Thought I should at least make another attempt to see if there are any
> old GALLI experts/afficiandos amoungst us here on CR list? Are these
> components too modern to be considered "classic"? I thought the last
> discussion of GPM parts was extremely poignant, and was hoping that a similar
> discussion/education could be addressed. Cheers,
> David Anderson
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> > Hello-
> > Kudos to those folks that were both nice and knowledgeable enough to
> share
> > the GPM information with us. Is there perhaps another information source
> > amoung CR that can share info about that other Italian component
> > manufacturer, Galli. Thank you in advance.
> > David Anderson