Re: [Classicrendezvous] GB bars

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From: "Donald Dundee" <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] GB bars
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:49:06 EST

Hi Jerry,

Just FYI, the Holdsworth Team folded in1978, so your frame is probably earlier. However, at that time, the team had Cinelli as one of their sponsors, who supplied Bars and stems, so if you are interested inperiod accuracy for your Holdsworth Team bike, you may want to ditch the GB idea.

Ken Denny Boston, MA

>From: Jerry Moos <>
>To: Monkeyman <>
>Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] GB bars
>Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 13:27:35 -0500
>I have a pair of those which I fully intend to use on either a 1979
>Team or a l980's Falcon, probably whichever gets built up first. I
>rarely worry about an item being "too valuable to use" unless it is NOS,
>sometimes not even then. I also don't lose any sleep over using old alloy
>bars, the one exception being the infamous AVA bars found on late 60's/
>70's PX-10s among other bikes. It is a very good idea to carefully inspect
>bars for cracks before use. By doing so I found some nasty hairline cracks
>a pair of the aforementioned AVAs, having been warned about these bars by
>here. It would probably be a good idea to untape old bars annually and
>for cracks, though I must confess I don't personally do this unless the
>otherwise requires replacement or rewrapping.
>Jerry "most of my fatigue failures involve my body, not the bike" Moos
>Monkeyman wrote:
> > I was putting my Raleigh Lenton Gran Prix together for a nice classic
> > and was going to put a GB bar and stem on the bike. I was looking at
> > page later in the day and saw my bars
> > <>. Dale's page says, "The most
> > sought after GB bar variation?", what is this bar? should it be used as
> > barter fodder and not put on a "rider"? What should I do?
> >
> > While on the subject of bars do you folks on the list use old bars on
> > riders? I was thinking of aluminum fatigue and bar breakage on bars 10+
> > years old and was thinking many of us are riding arould on "unsafe"
> > When I'm at work I recommend people replace their bars every 3-5 years
> > most of these people put 20000+ miles on these a year, I know some of
> > on the list put these many miles on your "classic" bikes. So I want to
> > know what you do about bars? NOS, used, modern?
> >
> > enjoy,
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