Re: [Classicrendezvous] Flats on old tubulars;Was:Vittoria Trofeo Tubular Tires

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Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2000 11:10:43 EST
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Flats on old tubulars;Was:Vittoria Trofeo Tubular Tires

Would using latex solution on the sidewalls prevent flats on old tubulars? Are unused but old tubulars equally prone to flats? Josh Berger

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<< Steve, I agree about used sewups. I think I posted about a year ago my sage of flatting the front and spare on a solo ride 10 km from home. Fortunately, the 10 km had all been climbing, and I rolled back downhill on the flat front tire (slowly and carefully). That cured me of using used tubulars of unknown age as spares. I agree old tubulars should be tested for several miles around town, and the spare should be new or at least little used with a known history.


Jerry Moos

Steve Freides wrote:

> Anyone know anything about these? As part of a deal from a fellow list
   > member, I got a few old sewups, some of which I'm going to have repaired
   > and some of which still hold air. Among the living (at least they're
   > holding some air in my basement) are a couple of Vittoria Trofeo tires.
   > They say "250" on them and, according to my handy-dandy kitchen scale,
   > that's about what they weigh in grams - I got 260 or so.
   > They seem like nice enough tires and I'm looking forward to taking them
   > for a spin around the neighborhood, but I'm curious to know about when
   > they were in use, what sort of materials they may be made from, if they
   > were made in Italy or elsewhere, and the like. Any light anyone could
   > shed on these would be appreciated.
   > (For anyone else who may want to have the experience of riding on old,
   > used sewups, allow me to share my one previous experience. I put the
   > original tires back on my Raleigh, which were probably 15 years old at
   > that point, and they both held air. "Great," I said, and took them out
   > on a club ride. That became the only club ride on which I've gotten two
   > flats, and I had only one spare tire. (Fortunately I had a cell phone
   > and my kind, generous wife rescued me.) One of them held air for
   > perhaps 5 miles while the second one lasted about 30. Thus, I've
   > decided that any used sewups get ridden around town for at least a few
   > days, preferrably a few weeks, before venturing further afield.)
   > Thanks in advance.
   > -S-
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