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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 13:05:01 -0800 (PST)
From: David Van Hook <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Introduction
To: Mike Self <>
Cc: Classic Rendezvous <>

OHhh Yeah...another Viscount owner! Dave (love those Lambert/Viscounts)Van Hook Hershey, PA

--- Mike Self wrote:

> I'm Mike Self & I live in Cincinnati, OH. I've been

\r?\n> on the list for a month

\r?\n> or more and have enjoyed the discussions &

\r?\n> experiences of the group. I am a

\r?\n> club, day & touring rider, not a racer. I like to

\r?\n> get in a few centuries &

\r?\n> a loaded tour every year. Most of my older bikes

\r?\n> are the ones I liked when

\r?\n> I first started riding in the mid 70's, but couldn't

\r?\n> afford then.


\r?\n> My interest in Moulton/small wheeled bikes started

\r?\n> about 4 years ago when I

\r?\n> found 2 F framed Moultons at a local mom & pop used

\r?\n> bike shop that was going

\r?\n> out of business. It was easy to get hooked.


\r?\n> I've done quite a bit of loaded camping/touring

\r?\n> including 2 months out west

\r?\n> (Yellowstone to Oregon coast to Santa Barbara), 1

\r?\n> month down the Baja (both

\r?\n> trips on a too small Austro Daimler Inter 10, hey it

\r?\n> was my only bike), 2

\r?\n> months in Europe when the bikes took an unplanned

\r?\n> detour on the train to

\r?\n> Gavle, Sweden instead of Geneve, Switzerland. Also

\r?\n> a couple of Ireland

\r?\n> trips & several week long trips in the states. Most

\r?\n> of these trips have

\r?\n> been on a 1973 Raleigh International (chartreuse)

\r?\n> frameset built up with

\r?\n> 70's parts (Stronglight 99, Campy Rally, etc).


\r?\n> Dale does a great job with the list.



\r?\n> Older Road Bikes I own:


\r?\n> 1973 Raleigh International mentioned above

\r?\n> 1974 Raleigh International, copper, all original

\r?\n> 1973 Raleigh RRA

\r?\n> 1975 or 76 Viscount Aerospace Pro MkII (plus a

\r?\n> couple of parts bikes).

\r?\n> Death fork & replacement.

\r?\n> Early or mid 70's Motobecane Le Champion



\r?\n> Small wheeled bikes:


\r?\n> 2 Alex Moultons, '88 AM7, '84 AM7

\r?\n> 2 Raleigh Moultons, Mk3, early 70's

\r?\n> 2 F frame Moultons 4-speeds, '64 & '65

\r?\n> 2 Raleigh Twenty's

\r?\n> Raleigh RSW 16

\r?\n> 1988 Bickerton

\r?\n> Elswick Hopper



\r?\n> Other Bikes:


\r?\n> 1992 Trek 1420

\r?\n> 1989 Cannondale Tandem

\r?\n> 1988 Cilo full Dura Ace (nice condition, just picked

\r?\n> it up at a yard sale)



\r?\n> Mike Self