[Classicrendezvous] Allegro website newsflash: Long-awaited 1970's catalog is now ONLINE!

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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 10:09:17 -0700
From: PeterGrenader <peterg@ixpres.com>
To: "classicrendezvous@bikelist.org" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] Allegro website newsflash: Long-awaited 1970's catalog is now ONLINE!

Take the Allegro quiz:

Q: If you were to own a 1976 Allegro model 26, what decals would it have?

A: Eddy Merckx!

NO KIDDING!....Allegro was one of four licenced manufacturers for the pre-DeRosa, Pre-Chuck Schmidt logo designed Eddy Merckx bicycles.

For extra credit:

Q: What color would that Eddy Merckx-Allegro be?

A: You got it....ORANGE! (that was TOO EASY)

Allegro collectors behold:

Thanks to Craig Griffith of Los Osos, CA, http://www.allegrobikes.com now features the missing link - Allegro's 1976 bike catalog in the (you guessed it) catalog section, including their short-lived rendezvous with Eddy Merckx

bicycles. See samples of this Swiss racing oddity. along with their classic, glory-days red dream machines, the infamous model 76's, in the catalog section of http://www.allegrobikes.com...

Check back int he next couple of days for a look at Craig Griffiths rare

1930's original finish green Allegro.

Other recent changes listed below....enjoy!

> Please excuse the shameless plug:
> I have received the long-awaited package from Francis Grandjean
> containing buckets of Allegro nostalgia from the 60's and 70's,
> including among other things:
> 1) A photo of Paul Koechli, La Ve Claire's famed Director Sportif from
> the Lemond/Hinault glory days winning the amateur Swiss Nats at the age
> of 19 (when he had a full head of hair!) while a member of the Allegro
> team.
> 2) A snapshot of Robert Dill-Bundi's famous 4k TT victory at the Moscow
> Olympics on an unmarked, low profile Allegro pursuit bike, the first of
> it's kind used in a world class competition, a victory which many
> considered to have marked the official beginning the funny bike era.
> 3) A historic picture of the first Allegro ever made.
> Expect this site revision to go on line Monday morning. There will be
> updates to the history text, the palmares listings, the front page and a
> major overhaul to the gallery photos. Unfortunately, one bit of info
> many of us were dying for was not in Francis' package (argh) - a crack
> to the serial number code hierarchy to estimate the age of a frame from
> the serial tag. I have two remaining possibilities left for this puzzle
> and both of those individuals have been contacted - let's hope.
> In a couple of weeks time, the "Racing Bikes" section will go live as
> well. It will contain a photographic summary of their racing bikes, by
> model, over the last 35 years and will include an interactive graphics
> feature for each which will allow the user to click on and view med-high
> resolution samples (not high enough to make decals from tho!!) of all
> graphic art elements used on each model by period. This was designed as
> a guide for accurate restorations.
> Give it a look whenyou canand thanks for your time,


> Peter Grenader