Re: [Classicrendezvous] Reshaping a Leather Saddle

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Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 20:27:31 -0200
From: "Harvey M. Sachs" <>
Subject: Re: [Classicrendezvous] Reshaping a Leather Saddle
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I have hesitated to share my "recipe" for the really bad leather saddles, but one showed up that looked like a skate or ray (well, I exaggerate a bit). Here's what I did:

1) slathered with neat's foot oil, from bottom, to assure that it would soak through forever. 2) put in tub of water. 3) after it was really soaked, wrapped it with web to the shape I wanted. Went away for a week or so, letting it soak. 4) Took it out to dry, then removed the web.

result: Looks like saddle. rides ok. Up close, it is embossed with the nicest pattern from the nylon webbing (sort of 1" wide hand truck hold strap). Well, GIGO,as they say in the data biz. Lexol might be smarter, but I had never heard of it.

harvey (hard ***) sachs

At 08:19 PM 11/20/00 EST, wrote:
>Sounds to me like its been over tightened--loosen the nut first.
>There are several things to consider before doing any reshaping.
>If the leather is dry don't flex it before you first:
>1/ Clean it...this removes the sharp grit & salt cyrstals that shred the
>leather fibers.
>--------Lexol cleaner(orange bottle)is very good, never use saddle soap)
>2/ Apply conditioner
>-------If it is very dry use a very moderate amount of Lexol conditoner
>(brown bottle) and apply before the saddle drys from the cleaning rinse.
>-------If it is not so dry, dampen it with water cut with little bit of
>To shape it, tie a wide rag around the hammock, drawing it in a little
>tighter than it appears to need and then let it sit til its dry.
>Treat with a moderate amount of Proofride.
>Then let the Proofride dry before riding on it.
>This has worked well on almost a dozen "its shot, you can have it" saddles.
>Good luck,
>Calvert Guthrie
>Kansas City
>In a message dated 11/20/2000 6:09:41 PM Central Standard Time,
>> I just took delivery of a used Ideale Model 6 I bought on ebay, and the
>> shape is a bit funny - at the narrow part of the saddle, near the nose,
>> the leather flares out more than it should. It looks like applying some
>> gentle pressure and leaving it on there might reshape it.
>> In other words, when you look at the saddle from the top, it's looks
>> almost triangular instead of being narrow from the top down and then
>> widening rather quickly towards the bottom.
>> Suggestions on exactly how to do this, please? Do I need to apply goop
>> of some sort first, and how should I restrain the leather?