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Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 20:54:35 -0500
From: Stephen Spielman <sspielman@goeaston.net>
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Subject: [Fwd: [Classicrendezvous] Regina Futura??]

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I found the Regina futura to be a bit of a hybrid.....I think that the cogs were essentially ORO level, but of course all in one unit...the body, on the other hand was superior in smoothness to the ORo...much more like the later CX model, which makes sense for the time period at which it was produced. The real reason to use a Futura is that it was recommended by Gimondi!...and says so right on the display case that mine came in. (the last statement was a pathetic attempt at sarcastic humour) -Steve Spielman in Maryland

p6man wrote:
> Hi gang! Does anyone out there have experience using Regina Futura
> freewheels? Since the six speed Oro freewheels are getting tougher to
> find, I'm going to give a Futura a try. It doesn't appear to be quite the
> same Quality as an Oro, so I'm wondering if they shift as well, and if
> they last as long. Anyone know? Thanks,
> Duane Kennard <p6man@home.com>