[Classicrendezvous] FINAL CORRECTION Buckle up!(toestraps for sale in packages)

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From: ABikie@aol.com
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 00:28:09 EST
To: ABikie@aol.com, classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [Classicrendezvous] FINAL CORRECTION Buckle up!(toestraps for sale in packages)

I made another goof and will proofread, scout's honor, if Dale doesn't put me in the slammer or in the sheep pen with him. I had the Cinelli and the Supers prices reversed, and the Specialized were overpriced which I found out when adding some up for someone. Of course, I honored the lower prices for those two who ordered before I discovered the goofs.

<< While seeking some red Lapize straps for Chuck Schmidt for over a month, and came upon many others I didn't remember having.I am over-strapped. I will entertain trades as well as make it into a sale and public service to listees.

If you have gone clipless, you can use them for all of the following and more (except I)

A. the finishing touches on their classic bikes B. something nifty to hold on their spare tubular C. pants clips D. belts E emergency arm sling F bike security on car carriers, rear or roof G. pannier and saddlebag straps. H garden hose or extension cord cinches I many more including holding cleated shoes to pedals

ALFREDO BINDA SUPER= Glove soft leather bonded to a kevlar-type ballistic material providing the ultimnate in stiffness and resistance to stretching New in classy original packaging with graphics. All Natural colored leather with Black composite backing with white 'Alfredo binda' screened on or white backing with black letters.Plated buckles with the famous 'Binda' innscript neatly die-stamped, not just printed. $25 per pair CLASSIC - Same stamped buckle as the Super, bit plain stiff leather and no lamination material The trademark avant-garde typestyle deep-stamping of 'Alfredo Binda' is what's most remembered, These are not for sale separately but a free pair is included with every $50 of straps, as is free shipping and insurance.

SPECIAlIZED Model 3 - made in Italy (probably by Binda) Finely-tanned blue, red, or white leather.In original poly bag with header and backing card. "top grain leather' and Specialized's older logo. Deep-embossing of "made in Italy' without filler paint as well as 'Specialized' embossed with filler paint.'Specialized' stamped into the plated buckle

$12per pair

COLNAGO - These resemble what was the Binda EXTRA, with leather laminated on both sides of a non-stretch center. The strap is then perforated for style and lightness.The perforations are interrupted where the buckle teeth would grab for more security and to accept the Colnago name and logo. The buckle itself also has three holes, in a nice pattern at the end, two smaller ones and one larger.An even larger hole with a unique stamped bevel is punched where the thumb would push. This buckle is plated and finished around the edges like no other, and also features the famous Colnago club surrounded by their C logo. $40 in original packages with graphics.

CINELLI - Black, Similar to Binda Extra. Another 'sandwich', with the non-stretch center and leather 'bread' Simple bright buckle of stainless steel with a very unique feature - there's no place for the strap end to be 'tucked in' Probably because many of us 'purists' that like to 'cinch for the mad dash (sprint) want quick access to the end. and many believe that only casual tourists tuck the end in and leave the strap looser.To facilitate a tighter cinch, they've included a pair of bright silver end buttons, suitable for bingo markers as well. So that must make this a 'pro' model? Winged C and name screened on the black leather and the winged C stamped into the buckle. $20 a pair in original poly bag .

CAMPAGNOLO - Similar to the Cinelli with the laminated leather, but in natural. With the exact buckle (sans tuck-in), but with a very classy and functional custom and unique soft rubber cover over the rivet and strap connector. Proprietary, oversized end buttons. and Campagnolo embossed (not just screened) in two places per strap. Original sealed poly bag with blue Campagnolo script stamped throughout. $40 /pr.

CHRISTOPHE PLUS - 'Special Reinforced Laminated Straps' according to the header card on the sealed poly bag. Unique Black Anodised ALUMINUM ALLOY buckle. Straps are laminated like the Cinelli, with 'Christophe Plus' embossed and black stamped into the deep brown natural leather. $20 pair

Christophe or Lapize - Black, White, Red, and Blue (no red lapize) Made in France, Nice leather with white or black embossing on strap and logo stamped in the plated buckle. $7 pair in original poly bag with instructions and header card.

Cinelli Bingo Markers (strap end buttons) white (maybe colors available) $2.50/pr (a small popcorn at the movies or 1.6 gallons of regular petrol), or free w/$50 order

All straps have been around for awhile and except for the oxidised rivets on the 'free-with-purchase' Bindas (still new in sealed packs) all are perfect and new.

send an email if interested.