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Subject: Re: [CR] Frame dent
Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 21:53:15 -0700

The dent may be able to be rolled out using a set of frame blocks. This will only remove the majority of the dent. The small remaining dent can be filled with body filler during a repaint and you will never know the difference. A local framebuilder should be able to handle this for you.

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> Subject: {ClassicRend]Frame dent
> Just inherited a nice 531 Claud Butler from the 60's I think. No eylelets
> and pencil stays. Unfortunately there is nice dent in the middle of the seat
> tube just above front mech clip height. Otherwise it seems fine.
> Any thoughts on restoration? Are there any techniques for fixing dents in
> situ (I can hear the screams already) or are we definitely looking at a new
> seat tube? In which case, is it worth it?
> Cheers
> Stewart