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Ahh, I think Tom means the STEERER toob, and you can just stick your finger up the inside of the fork crown and feel the rifling, I just checked my '63 Cinelli SC (yes) and my '68 Pogliaghi (NO!!??) and I'm wondering if anybody can confirm the frame material used by Pogliaghi. There was no tubing decal before repaint.

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One way to confirm the presence of Columbus tubing is to pull the stem and look in the head tube. If the frame is Columbus and is "new" enough, you should see spiral reinforcements on the tubing. This was an exculsive Columbus trick for a stronger fork.

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>Hey Classics,
> ANybody have a Windsor?......Need a couple of questions answered.
> Thanks for all the help. How do I tell if it is Columbus tubing?
> Paul G
> Riverside, CA