Re: [CR]dropout hanger alignment - aluminium frame pretzels

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Subject: Re: [CR]dropout hanger alignment - aluminium frame pretzels
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 16:15:15 -0500

Prehaps we should rename aluminum frames as "pretzel" frames because they go soft/lose rigidity over time and break like pretzels to correct frame allignment concerns!

Regards, Steve Neago "Pondering the costly frame possibilities in Cincinnati, OH"

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Subject: [CR]dropout hanger alignment

I recently had my Campy dropout hanger aligned in minutes by a top Miami wrench. It turns out that I was suffering from poorish shifting as a result of the misalignment. He used a special long tool that both gave him leverage and a visual check to the rim. This was done on a traditional steel dropout on a traditional steel lugged frame. Can modern aluminum frames have the dropout aligned as painlessly? Carbon fiber? Titanium? Is this an example of steel superiority? Garth Libre in Surfside Fl.