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Date: Thu, 01 Feb 2001 16:01:48 -0500
From: Jerry Moos <>
To: Peter Grenader <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Teledyne finish...
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The Teledyne anodizing very definitely looks flat. As Dale observed, it looks almost as if the frame had been sprayed with automotive primer (no that's not what really happened to mine - unless someone applied correct Teledyne decals over the primer) :-) Photos of the old Speedwells look more like they may be natural titanium color, except for Ocana's bikes which I believe were Motobecane team orange.

BTW, does anyone know what the supposed advantages are for the increased aluminum and vanadium content of the latest Ti frames? I note that the least expensive Litespeed with a bit less Al and V (by the time you buy a fork, which is not included) is about the same price as a Rivendell, which in my view means the Rivendell is a MUCH better deal. However, bump up the Al and V contents a bit, and the most expensive Litespeeds soar well over $3000, which is IMHO insane when a Baylis or Sachs or Bohemian with lots of custom bells and whistles can be had for less. Is this just a marketing ploy to convince buyers "more is better" where chemical elements are involved? Maybe those same customers would pay $5000 for frames with impressive Fe/C/Mo/Mn numbers if no one tells them what the abbreviations stand for.


Jerry Moos

Peter Grenader wrote:
> Clark Kent - they were great bikes. Best TI welds I've ever seen.
> Poor guy was taken down in a heap of molten titanium by :emond BIkes when
> they suddenly pulled out of their business deal and went with Trek and those
> robot built 853 frames.
> Can you say net 190?
> Regarding Dale's comment about all Ti looking the same: WIth great respect,
> I have to disagree. In my business I eat colors and hues for breakfast.
> There are differences! You gotta believe me. Just look at a Titus against
> a Holland against a Ibis - all Ancotec - and they all look different,
> especially Scott Nichol's bikes.
> A question regarding Titan's being anodized: If not for coloring, why
> would anybody anodize titanium? It doesn't require atmospheric protection.
> Personally, I don't care for colored anodizing of ti that was so hot a few
> years back because it tends to go flat (looses it's luster) and it scuffs
> too easily, which is why I know Moots stopped doing it.


> -?!?!?,


> Peter

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