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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 10:10:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Tom Dalton <>
Subject: Re: [CR]This one takes the cake
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You asked what I think... I think that auction is far from the stupidest bike-related auction that I have seen on Ebay. That stem, if intact, would be hotly sought after by the same folks who, for whatever reason, pay big bucks for gaudy and no-so-scarce 50th Anniversary stuff. The Pantographing is elaborate and extensive and suites the overall execessiveness and poor taste of the 50th group. That the stem is (was) a 1-R is a plus since that was the "best" Cinelli at the time of the 50th group. Never mind that they were super-finicky. The failure of the stem is pretty spectacular and leads one to wonder what might have happened. Given all of these "positives" there are almost certainly a few people out there who would like to have one of these as a funky paperweight. The auction seems no more silly than all the used Campy SL freewheels that go up. After a few rides with a worn chain those might as well be broken in two given how rideable they'll be. People drop $75 or more on those, and I hope to God its only to use as a trinket.

I think the really stupid ebay auctions are those in which the bidder misrepresants the item, exagerating rarity, condition, importance, etc. Such auctions can be seen daily. Sometimes it's just ignorance (SR pedals that are really SL's) sometimes it's calculated (Nuovo Victory hubs being sold as "Nuovo" to lead someone to believe that they are N.R.). Of course sometimes its just the bidders who are stupid, such as when people pay twice the retail price for seat binders that are available from Colorado Cyclist.

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> Here is the stupidest thing I have seen on an ebay
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