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Here's a late response on Baracchi Trophy images. Nearby listmember Jeff Archer has a couple of interesting framed photos in his shop that I study(okay, covet) when I visit. One is of Ferdinand Bracke and Eddy Merckx riding for Peugeot in '67. I believe it is says they were the winners in '66 and '67. Of note, Eddy's frame seems to have white lugs and Bracke's sports black Nervex.

The other photo seems to be from the '74 worlds amateur race or possibly the '76 Olympics given the equipment and jerseys being used. Interesting details are a Canadian rider on a CCM and a French rider on a Peugeot with cantilever Mafacs. Wonder if the French felt the Mont Royal descents called for Cantis?

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>some cool pics of racers on cool bikes.
>these bring back memories. anyone
>remember this stuff?