Re: [CR]RE: Classicrendezvous digest, Vol 1 #276 - 18 msgs

Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 13:35:20 -0700
To: <>
From: Bicycle Classics inc <>
Subject: Re: [CR]RE: Classicrendezvous digest, Vol 1 #276 - 18 msgs

>Hi Russell,

If I'm not mistaken, I believe that perhaps you have the Raleigh Decal set produced by screen specialties. These decals don't need to be reproduced - any legitimate frame painter knows how to obtain them. The maker of these decal sets told me a long time ago that if the decal sets managed to find their way to private individuals, he might have to stop making them available to everyone including full time frame painters!

The upshot is that legitimate frame painters have access to a pipeline of decals, and by using a "pro" you gain access to a lot of possibilities.

It is imperative that folks not try to get the decals on the sly - as doing so could jepordize everyone. A long time ago, a seller of vintage bicycle parts was offering these after obtaining them under somewhat false pretenses - the maker of the decals nearly went ballistic when he found out.

There are a number of great painters out there - some of whom generously provide significant time towards helping this group - the least we can do is support them. Mike Kone

>I was wondering if anyone can tell me how to reproduce decals. I have decals
>for a raleigh international and would like to produce copies for any
>additional projects that pop up in the future, like hopefully a pro frame.
>The set I have is designed to do a pro, international or comp GS as it has
>all three frame names but only enough of the rest of the decals to do one
>frame. I believe they're water transfers since after you apply a sticker the
>front paper won't come off unless you apply lots of water. Anyone done this
>before?. Thanx in advance. -Russell