Re: [CR]Brooks Proofide

From: "dave bohm" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Brooks Proofide
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 17:28:49 -0700

Just down the street from me is the most amazing saddle shop. Hand tooled western saddles made by a third generation saddle smith. Love the smell of that place and bought a saddle twenty years ago that at the time was probably 30yr old. The leather used on Brooks saddles is the same type used on good heavy saddles and taking care of it is no secret among horsemen.

You got to clean the thing once in a while. Sweat and dirt erode the hyde after sometime so I use a good saddle soap once a year and clean my brooks. It is usually called glycerine leather soap or something similar. I then use a saddle dressing called R.M. Willams (made in southern Australia $5.00). There are others. It is a paste dressing, smells like sheep but who knows. Twice a year on this. No oil based dressings. They soften too much and the saddle maker says if you want your horse saddle to last 75 to 100yrs don't use them. Talk about no repeat business.

Dave Bohm