[CR]R. Brian Baylis World Tour 2001

Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 20:01:52 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <rocklube@adnc.com>
To: classic rendezvous <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]R. Brian Baylis World Tour 2001

To anyone on the list who finds this interesting,

Back a week or two ago when everyone was stating their intentions about attending the 2001 Cirque du Cyclisme I wasn't quite 100% sure of my intentions; but since that time I have internally made the commitment to myself to make every possible effort to attend the event this year. For someone like myself it is a monumental undertaking (sad but true) to make a trip to the right side for any reason. Haven't been out of the state of Crazyfornia for many years. Haven't been to the East since 1982 if memory serves. I will bring my two favorite bikes with me. I'm looking forward to meeting many people in person who I only know by name at this point. If anyone want's anything from CA like a can of L.A. smog or some contaminated beach sand, let me know ;-o! If anyone needs to know what I look like, look for someone who doesn't appear to be the same person you've seen in any photos, apparently I don't look anything like myself, since lately there have been several persons who have looked at my drivers liscence and looked up at me and said "this isn't you, is it?" If anyone cares, I will also bring some of the California lifestyle from the 60's with me in the form of genuine Surf Music featuring yours truely on drums (yeah, I know, who cares). Please stop in and see me if you plan to attend also; be more than happy to shake hands and answer questions or if you prefer kick me in the shins. Maybe Dale could arrange a short framebuilding clinic or something interesting for everyone which I will be more than happy to participate in. Wouldn't mind going through a few examples of vintage frames and critique the end results from an (admittedly crotechety and old fashioned) framebuilders point of view. I guarentee that my perspective is probably a bit different than most.

So take this as an advance warning, the East Coast will never be the same when I'm done with you; so batten down the hatches and lock away your daughters because trouble is comming to town! Hope to see you all there.

Brian Baylis La Mesa, CA

P.S. Hey Russ, maybe we could play a bit together if you know at least a bassist and could arrange a drumkit. To be honest, I'd rather play drums than ride my bike.