[CR]Friday Afternoon JACKPOT!!

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Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 21:02:56 -0800
Subject: [CR]Friday Afternoon JACKPOT!!

...For those who don't believe the goodies are still out there...

I stopped by a older bikeshop this afternoon to drop off some consignment and freebie bicycles (useful castoff's the owner can sell) and, as I was not in a monkey suit I pressed the owner into letting me delve into the last small corner of his shop and repair area I hadn't yet sifted through. Considering what I have found in the past, old Simplex, Benelux, TA and such from the circa 1950 shop orgins, I guessed this corner was the last hurrah...I went thru the old wooden drawers with great expectation...there was lots of New Departure/Morrow/ Mattuck/Bendix and S-A stuff, but no jackpot. I did gather a small box of bits all-the-same and resigned myself that the shop was finally played out...Since my hands were a bit soiled and old Ben was in his comfy chair behind the counter, I did a quick but systematic search back through the main underbench area, all of which was covered with dust and grease. The shop lights are rarely on so I was in dim light as I scanned the boxes and trays. Way in the back I saw a green wooden box I hadn't seen before...My "Vintobicimeter" sounded as I did the long, strained fingertip reach. I wasn't disapointed....In the box was an NOS Campagnolo Sport complete, Sport and Gran Sport bodies, track lockrings, 6 Simplex Tour de France bodies in various states of assembly, shifters and spare parts galore. As well there were Cyclo- Benelux front and rear bodies and spares as well. The price of all this...well...one old and well worn Raleigh Spacelander did the trick.( I saved it from extinction-a neighbor was tossing it out)

This should give hope to the vintage treasure hunters on the list.

Matt Gorski
Belmont Shore, CA