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Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 11:35:51 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Brooks Proofide
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Pete wites:
> and assumed it was a change they had made.

As luck would have it I picked up a Brooks catalog from my LBS while running up my credit card picking up parts and on the centerfold there is a nice picture of Brooks Proofide RredR stuff!

I have used Proofide to break in other things including cycling shoes that were purchased with the old, "If you can get it on it fits" way of thinking. Of course, new- er composites don't let you do that!

I hope the Captain chimes in on proper saddle treatment and breakin... I remember reading about one of the Raam guys saying that you should create a bath of motor oils using alum foil and soak the saddle a few days! I think it was Lon Haddlemen (not sure on the spelling).

I have soaked em in a bath of neatsfoot for a few hours and then lathered up the underside w/Proofide:) Keep it clean and out of the rain, don't touch the tension...

Mike "On a swallow" Wilkinson