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Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 14:59:30 EST
Subject: Re: OT: Grammar Police (was [CR]Cirque du Cyclisme update!)

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<< Forgive the off-topic post from the Grammar Police, but if you undo the contraction "there's" you get "there is", which becomes, "There _is_ only 48 rooms" which ought to be "There _are_ only 48 rooms" which means you ought to say, "There're only 48 rooms." I hear this all the time, even in radio advertisements, and it drives me crazy. Steve "corrections are welcomed" Freides >>

Steve is correct. There are many examples of poor grammar in advertising. My pet peeves are ads that use "due to" in place of "because of", and "for free" instead "free". What the heck is the "for" doing in front of the "free".

I ain't got no more to say at this time. ;-)

Glenn Fahey