RE: [CR]Tressostar and shellac

Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 18:19:57 EST
Subject: RE: [CR]Tressostar and shellac

For an excellent how-to guide on shellacking your handlebars, see Dan Goldenberg's instructions at

Over the Holidays, I used Bulls Eye Amber Shellac and yellow Tressostar to wrap and finish the bars on one of my Peugeots. During the course of a single weekend, I applied seven coats of shellac to achieve a near perfect match with the bike's honey-colored Brooks B17 Champion Special and Christophe leather wrapped toe-clips.

FYI, I painted a pair of black Velox bar ends with Humbrol modeling enamel (Antique Leather) and inserted them after wrapping the bars -- I shellacked them too! They match well and have held up great so far.

My next projects are a clear shellac/red tape combination for my blue Mercier 200 and a clear shellac/yellow tape combination for my purple Peugeot UO-8.

Good luck with your project!

Ian Kersey