Re: [CR]Tressostar and shellac

Date: Sun, 4 Feb 2001 18:49:47 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Tressostar and shellac

Hi, Rivendell sells shellac (or you can buy some at the hardware store, already mixed-get amber). I applied shellac to my Cinelli with Tesa cloth tape- impressive results! Five or six coats are best. You just paint it on, wait about two hours between coats. It looks great, but I must admit it imparts a hard feel to the tape. I think this was done more to the old French bikes, so this may have been a little bicyclistically incorrect. BTW, I dripped a little on the rubber hoods by mistake, and since these were starting to show signs of age, I decided to paint them completely as well! They looked much better, and I think this might even be a good way to preserve them.

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<< I want to wrap the bars with some orange Tressostar & I have heard that shellac helps preserve the color.

I have never used shellac on tape before, I just wrap and watch the cotton fray!

Anybody got some pointers on what and how to do this?

Or even if I should!!!

Mike "Trying to outrun the grammer police" Wilkinson

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