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Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 14:10:16 -0700
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The handful of Windsor Pros I've examined were all like the one I've owned for 27 years - very well made with an excellent finish which makes me think an untrained eye could easily be fooled into some bogus Cinelli story. My Windsor is a '73. Mexico does have craftsmen & can produce fine products. I can imagine that the Windsor people had plenty of quality control issues that seemed endemic in the 70's just like the ones Colnago went through.

Greg Fletcher Foothill Ranch, CA

>I've probably seen a half-dozen Windsor pros over 25 years and every
>one of them looked quite crude to me. Seems strange anyone would be
>fooled into thinking one was a Cinelli, no matter the decals
>involved. I've also seen a couple of lower-line mexican benottos
>and they weren't anything to write home about either....about like a
>japanese midline frame in terms of finish.

Charles Andrews