Re: [CR]re: classic mexican bikes

Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2001 15:44:35 -0800
From: Brian Baylis <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: classic mexican bikes
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Foot in mouth again! I failed to properly asscess the message Charles wrote regarding Mexican built frames, etc. Another case of email SNAFU which I did not intend to offend anyone. I was just telling Dale yesterday that I refrain from comment on about 90% of the things I have an opinion on for various reasons. Maybe I need to bump up the percentage. My apopogies Charles; next time I'll read everything and engage brain before putting fingers in gear! (Ouch!)

Brian Baylis Hiding under a rock somewhere in La Mesa, CA
> > Since I have
> > a somewhat different perspective on how a frame is or isn't built; and
> > having seen on many occassions the internal (and most
> > important) aspects
> > of how many frames are constructed, Mexican frames don't compare
> > favorably to Itilian built frames.
> Uh, Brian, I think that was what I was saying, wasn't it?
> Please note, I was not making a blanket statement. I was saying:
> 1) The Windsor Pros I've seen looked crudely finished to me, compared to
> Cinellis of the same period, and I fail to see how anyone could be fooled
> into thinking a Windsor Pro was a Cinelli.
> 2) The few mexican Benottos I've seen were nothing special at all in terms
> of workmanship.
> That's all I said. No blanket statements here.
> If you're going to condescend to me, please do it off list.
> Thanks.
> Charles
> There are exceptions to
> > every rule of
> > course. Goes to show you that what you see on the outside does not
> > always indicate what kind of care was actually taken during the
> > construction process. Not to mention how many frames have first class
> > paintwork on top of 3rd rate (or worse) construction. There are SOOOO
> > MANY details to the framebuilding process that any number of
> > them can be
> > overlooked, some of which will not affect the lifespan or
> > performence of
> > the bike, and others that will be adverse. Which is which? Maybe you'd
> > better book a flight to the "framebuilding clinic" at the
> > 2001 Cirque de
> > Cyclisme to get the dope on this subject! Not going to be able to
> > explain it in writing. Just my humble opinion as always; not to rag on
> > any nationality or make blanket statements to be taken out of context.
> >
> > Brian Baylis
> > La Mesa (Mexican name for my town), CA (another Mexican name, no?)
> > >
> > > Many people slag on Mexican and
> > > latin american products but all the bicycles I've seen from
> > "south of the
> > > border" have been at least on par with the Italians.
> > >
> > > *******I've probably seen a half-dozen Windsor pros over 25
> > years and every one of them looked quite crude to me. Seems
> > strange anyone would be fooled into thinking one was a
> > Cinelli, no matter the decals involved. I've also seen a
> > couple of lower-line mexican benottos and they weren't
> > anything to write home about either....about like a japanese
> > midline frame in terms of finish.
> > >
> > > Charles Andrews