Re: [CR]Capo (Austria) Garage Sale Bike?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Capo (Austria) Garage Sale Bike?
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 17:27:34 -0800

I have seen Capo bikes before--when on rides with the Los Angeles Wheelmen in the early 1970's! They were what looked like high-end bikes with a 1950's or early 60's look as far as lots of chrome and a lot of brazed-on fittings--these were out of fashion at the time, and hadn't come back in yet--and a very distinctive fork crown which was forged with a sloping shape like Cinelli, but with "steps" instead of a smooth slope to each side. Picture a fork crown merged with a Mayan temple and you have a Capo fork
David Feldman

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Subject: [CR]Capo (Austria) Garage Sale Bike?

> Hi friends,
> While sleuthing the wilds of Orange County,
> California garage sales on Saturday I came upon a
> bike with fancy looking curly lugwork. The name
> was *Capo* from Austria. I don't see a space on
> Dale's site discussing such a bike, but perhaps
> I'm missing it.
> Some workmanship on this bike seemed a bit crude
> to me, and of course it was a bit rusty (bilious
> iridescent green); it didn't have full Campy
> equipment. The garage was pretty dark and I had
> a hard time making out the names of the other
> components. Is this a marque anybody has heard
> of?
> (Yes, I got the guy's phone number in case it's
> something cool.) ;->
> Thanks for your wisdom,
> Paulie Davis
> in Quite Warm Los Angeles