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Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2001 13:59:40 -0500
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John D wrote:
> > This looks kinda cool. Are they rare? John Dunn in Napa Valley
> ><blah>

Roy H. Drinkwater replied:
> Any type of adjustable stem is rare, I've only seen two of the 3ttt
>stems on ebay in the last 3 years (just picked up a Look Ergo stem @
>Westminister). This Titan is a track stem (steel) with a greater angle (80
>degrees?) to drop the bars further. I don't remember reading anywhere that
>Major Taylor invented adjustable stems... though his bike at the Museum in
>Somerville, NJ has one.

Yep, this type of stem is sometimes called a "Major Taylor outrigger."

Note that Titan bars/stems generally use a non-standard 27 mm handlebar clamp diameter, so, at least their road stems only work with their bars.

Titan was the state-of-the-art rig in the late '50s-early '60s until Cinelli came on the scene. I've got a couple of 'em. One came on my '61 Paramount, t'other came on a late '50s La Perle I bought used 25 years ago or so and later gave to my sister. (Jacques Anquetil rode La Perle bikes for at least part of his career.)

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>Roy "too old for track" Drinkwater
>Lititz, PA
>p.s. My wife Janet's great uncle was Tom Cooper who raced against Major

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