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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 10:28:42 -0600
Subject: [CR]Trek Questions

I've got an old Trek frame that raises some questions for me.

What year and model is this? The bike is all 531 db, has the semi wrapped seat stay cluster with TREK engraved on the end caps, and has absolutely no braze ons, except for the downtube bump for clamp-on shifters and fender eyelets. The color is dark metallic blue. There were no panels painted on the frame, although the seat tube appears to have had a "wrap around" decal on it (it's hard to say, there's so little of the decals left). The decals are the old block letter style. The drop outs are Campagnolo, and the drop out attachments are the "chisel" style. Lugs are long pointed without frills. Rear spacing is 120mm, chainstays are 16.25 inches. Any guesses as to year, model and original equipment?

I got the frame cheap because of the condition. The paint is bad, touch up paint having been slathered on large abrasions, untouched bare spots abound and in general it's not an attractive bike now. The decals are barely legible and the head tube badge is gone, leaving only two rivet holes. But - - - there doesn't seem to be any significant internal rust, nor any crash damage. I had Cyclart do a powder coat refinish on a frame is about the same shape and she ended up a beauty. So I could get her fixed up nice for a couple of hundred dollars - - - .

My intention on first seeing it was to caniballize the fork for another bike and dispose of the mainframe. After all a new Reynold's fork with ample fender clearance and wide tires is a custom order affair, and runs at least $200 dollars from a reputable frame builder. I paid much less than that for this frame and fork. But the recent flurry of discussion on Treks makes me feel these old Trek lugged frames have some historical significance and deserve to be preserved. I don't need it to ride, but it bothers me to break up the set. And thanks to a helpful list member, I've got a good set of Trek seat tube decals. Any discussion on what the right thing to do here is?

Tom Adams, conflicted in KC