Re: [CR]hetchins serial no.

Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 16:45:29 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]hetchins serial no.

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<< In most cases from the early 50's to the early 60's, the numbers following the "H" in the serial number is the year in reverse. For example, and H2504 would be a '52 Hetchins, 4604 would be a '64 Hetchins, and so on. That idea was eventually dropped sometime in the early 60's, and the straightforward method was employed, i.e. H70314 is a 1970 Frame, number 314 of that year. I would guess that your bike is a 1970, judging by this numbering method and the componentry on it. >>

Hmmm. Ken and gang, this viewpoint is not borne out in what I have read and observed.. According to my info, for instance, Hetchins made in 1952 would be a number of combinations which do not fit that:

1952 numbers (which was an odd year) = E24025- E224459 and T24460 - T24508 and H24509- H24644. Oddly 1951 used all "H" prefixes .. H13721 - H14024.

Quite a complicated business, eh?
Dale Brown