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Another listmember was wondering about Huffy's importing and sale of quality bikes in the 60's. I lived in their region of the time (So. Cal.) and started cycling in '68, so here's what I remember: Huffman was an importer, they had a warehouse in Azusa, CA, about fifty miles east of Los Angeles--also the home of Frank Zappa's first studio! They put their name on Carltons, imported and put smaller labels on Alex Moultons. I have seen examples of both of these on the road. I have heard, but never seen verification and did not work in bike stores when these would have been sold, that Huffman also sold or was in some way connected to the sale of Ideor and of Raphael Geminiani bikes--does anyone know about their connection to either of these brands? Also Meteor, like the example on ebay recently, was also sold in some San Fernando Valley stores, I think Harding's original store on Van Nuys Blvd. sold these.

David Feldman

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Subject: [CR]Updates: Westminster, Sachs, Carlton

> New stuff in CR you might like to see:
> Westminster swap meet pics.. Roy Drinkwater's pics are yet to be added..
> Maybe tonight?
> Some nice images of Richie Sachs' lug work, jigs and newer bikes added...
> Finally Bob Hufford sent me some very interesting stuff about Carlton's when
> then were imported by, of all people, Huffy! I knew Moultons had been brought
> in by Huffy (I have two!) in the 1960s but Carltons? Wow...



> Dale Brown