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Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001 04:49:17 EST
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(Dale: Feel Free to Edit Out non-classicR junk in my text)


Thanks for the info. on what happened to CycloPedia! We purchased a Nishiki Mixte from back in ~1984 while living in EauClaire for my spouse, Rachel. Sure do miss Gaylord Hill. You've answered the "mystery" that my yearly Twin Cities trips bring this old (5th Generation Chicago German-American) cyclist from Greater (formerly dah SouthSide) Chicagoan! I've asked in the neighborhood, but not enough to find anyone in "Lake Harriet/Uptown" area to get the rest of the story on his closing. Still miss my years biking n living & workin' (& skiing/skating) in N. MN & NW to MidState WI, but Rachel wants this "big city" life in W Suburban DuPage County until we retire to her needed warmth in Myrtle Beach or the Western Mountains of NC/SC some years soon...on the savings that the boys can recycle to their old Mom n Pop in the 2010s. At least my cycle commuting can be year-round here, :).

Paul Dieterle, Raining & 34 degrees in Wheaton, IL -- ((home of Billy Graham's alma mater & "Center"), where my great aunt-in-law taught Billy, Sr., how the Salvation Army did Evangelism before the big one of W.W.II)!


My collection is fairly light of collectibles, but here's a quick listing:

~1940 Oscar Wastyn Schwinn Paramount Track Bike (my sized- ~20"/50cm) 1966 Schwinn Collegiate 5 spd-- My first speed & paper route bike - now my to the train station steed daily ~1970 Panasonic Ladies 5 spd (DT Chgo beater for my company's external bikerack) 1974 Raleigh Pro 22" 1973 Urago 51 cm (very French, 'cept the Reynolds 531 tubes/fork) 1978 Bridgestone Picnica folder, belt drive 12" wheels (legacy from my Dad) ~1983-4 Nishiki Mixte 12 speed (my around town & city back-up commuter (why is the BB so high...(sic))) Unfortunately most of the miles on this and subsequent bikes purchased for her have been ridden by me... :(=- We (my 3 boys & I have hope that she may return to riding the "Comfort" Raleigh we purchased from ProBikes & Likes in Glen Ellyn IL last year. :)