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Reading Bike Cult was one of the delightful surprises of my life. I became manic for weeks, became insufferable 'sharing' its contents with my non-biking friends.

Reading the book elevated my pastime into my mission there for awhile. The book is pure classic.

This is who we are!

Brad Stockwell (apologies for lack of direct classic bike hardware content) Palo Alto

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Hello CR: Time to introduce myself to list. David Perry here. Former Nor. Calif. road racer 1971-78, US team twice (on Eisentrauts), now Master in NYC, owner of Bike Works (small shop), author Bike Cult (big book) and Bicycle Blueprint for NYC. Loves the classics, but prefers using ergo to older (ogre) brake levers and downtube shifters. Growing website has pictures of favorites, bikes and parts for sale, a small chainring collection, our Barelli quadruple competition rollers with dial face... http://www.bikecult.com

RE: decals: Have a Schwinn Superior c.1940 track frame with silver repaint and a downtube decal c.1965 Schwinn SuperSport. Got it in lot of vintage bikes from Hill Cycle Shop, Phila. Also, recently saw fat-tube Huffy with Cannondale decals. Dude bought it for $150.

Is it OK that I put pictures of decals on my site? Can I change them? http://www.bikecult.com/works/archive.html

Question about Campagnolo 50th Anniversary group: The group serial number is located inside the right crank arm, but is the number placed on any other components in the group? Trying to identify a c.84 white Colnago found in NYC police auction several years ago with serial number on crank hammered and defaced.

after the snow, sunny still chilly

Dave Perry Bike Works NYC 106 Ridge St. New York, NY 10002 212-388-1077

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