Re: [CR]Broken Ergal Rim

From: "stephen a. solombrino" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Broken Ergal Rim
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 07:15:29

>Subject: Re: [CR]Broken Ergal Rim
>Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001 01:03:51 EST
>In a message dated 2/10/01 9:48:41 PM, writes:
><< I was well aware of the liability riding the Ergals (especially at my
>weight of 185 lbs.) before I ever purchased them. >>
>I wouldn't ride them. In 1983 I had a pro shop build me a set of Ergals,
>hole, laced with dt spokes to NR hubs. This wheelset was for my new, yet
>unridden Colnago. On the second ride, I was going down a hill, and the
>wheel exploded. I hit a small bump, and a four to six inch section of the
>rim ripped out. I landed on my face and shoulder and rolled. Got lots of
>stitches in my chin, and I still remember the steel scrub brush the nurse
>used to get out all the gravel from my shoulder, arms, knee, and back. 18
>years later you can still see the scars. I weighed about 130 at the time.
>On the other hand, I had no problems at all with GL330's, which I used
>extensively from 1985 to 91 or 2.
>Good luck, and better safe than sorry.
>, in sort of stormy San Diego