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Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 21:56:44 -0800

Group-- My favorite is the "Astra", which has seat tube decals similar to the Orly in question. It too was made by Motobecane, sold through Sears and auto parts stores, and had a Motobecane winged M cut clear through the fork crown to identify it's origin.. I have never seen this fork crown on a "real" Motobecane. Nelson Miller in SUNNY Seattle!

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There should be scores of Orly bikes in garages all over Southern California. They were sold at Pep Boys, White Front, and other discount stores during the 1960;'s. There seemed to have been a hierarchy of French bikes during that time--Bertin, Lejeune at one or two stores, Gitane and Peugeot at every bike store, Motobecane coming in after 1970, and Orly, Starnord and the brand Rollfast in department stores. There were a lot of "closet classics" sold at non-bike stores in the early 1970's. Anybody with other brands out there? Oh, yeah, the Motobecane Le Champions that had Hawthorne decals and were sold at May Company! David Feldman

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> Hi Everybody,
> I picked up kind of a neat old French ladies'
> bike today. It's a mixte called *ORLY* (made by
> Motobecane), with stainless steel fenders; it's a
> 10 speed. This is a LOT heavier bike than I'm
> used to with the Masis, Mondia & Torpado, so
> maybe it will be the beach cruiser. It is
> bilious green and rust colored. :-) The price
> was right though, so I'm gonna clean it up,
> repack any bearings I can gain access to and ride
> it. (Gee, after I've been deleting some of the
> cottered crank discussions this week, serves me
> right -- I now have some to deal with!) I
> thought I'd post a couple of *before* pictures if
> anybody would like to take a look:
> I'll post some *after* pictures later.
> Paulie Davis
> Rainy and COLD (finally!) in Los Angeles
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