[CR]Luis Ocana?

From: "Stockwell, Brad" <BRAD.STOCKWELL@mpp.cpii.com>
To: Classic Bike List <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]Luis Ocana?
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:39:45 -0800

CR folk:

As a Zeus fan, I have an interest in Luis Ocana due to the fact that he is perhaps the most successful Tour rider to have ridden for Zeus.

The book: American Bicycle Racing (by James C McCullagh) has a picture on page 55 of Ocana leading Merckx & Thevenet up a mountain in the '75 Tour on a Zeus Superser (or perhaps I should say it appears to be a lugged steel frame with Zeus Superser markings and Zeus components).

So: anybody got a better picture of this bike? Anybody know of a commercially available video of the '75 Tour?

Someone (Presse Sports?) has an online photo archive of cycling extending back quite a ways, but it's apparently only accessible by those in the press or what-have-you. I stumbled on it once by clicking on some photo that was on the website of one of the cycling magazines - I gather it's where they get pictures for their retro articles. Anybody on the list have access to something like this?

ANOTHER OCANA QUERY: The visually informative reprint of 'Le Monde De Daniel Rebour' which I have from Velo Retro (thanks, Chuck) shows a picture of a Zeus freewheel on pg 173 with '1973' and 'Luis Ocana' interspersed in the Japanese caption. Anybody know, did he use a Zeus freewheel in winning the '73 Tour on his 'Motobecane'?

I'm curious about this because Hinault's 'Road Racing' book has a chapter by his mechanic in which it is stated that no professional would ever use an aluminum freewheel because he would 'rip the teeth right off it'!

Brad Stockwell
Palo Alto