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Subject: Re: [CR]Re Dunelt
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 19:55:50 -0800

Jim, I found a dirty and paint splattered Dunelt that languished in the corner of a thrift shop (until it followed me home one day last month.) Now as it is being cleaned-up it has beautiful (almost) flamboyant Red paint under the film of crud.. All of the gold lacy decals are intact and in very good shape. I had to use acetone, or was it lacquer thinner, to get all of the (house) paint splatters off the chainguard and rear triangle. I'm changing out the red and white Wrights for a B-72 and an old saddle bag. As well I'm and turning the h-bars over for much LESS of a sedate look. I have a clean used Benelux Mk 7? rear derailleur for it to do a 3 X 3 gear setup. One of the nicer touches is a headbadge like metal badge on the rear fender. This Dunelt 9 speed will likely cruise the neighborhood and bike path along the beach as a loaner/extracycle.

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I too wonder were all the
> Dunelts went. The particular shop were I bought mine retailed a ton of
> them. I have only seen a few of them since I owned mine.
> Cheers, Jim Salzlein "Enjoying the first signs of Spring in Cape May,
> New Jersey