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Dear CR's:

My 1983 repaint of my 1979 Pinarello was done by Medici. The cost was fairly modest, but, to me, was not worth it. They did a poor, rushed job. Inadequate surface prep, three runs in the paint, all of the decals were placed too high. The "Pinarello" on the left side of the down tube was tilted, and the "i" was tilted, miscentered and not clear-coated over to match the rest.

In contrast, my 1994 restoration of the Pinarello by Joe Bell is absolutely exquisite. Nothing wrong, everything pleasing.

You get what you pay for.

Andrew Gillis (continuous rain in Long Beach, CA)

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Hello All. I originally had my early 70s Masi GC repainted by THEM. It became a nightmare! I had Al at Cupertino Bike Shop make the arrangements, since they were a Medici dealer at the time. After a month or so I got a call from uncle Al, he said the bike is done, but the paint came out bad. Superficially, it looked good, but if a person was to look underneath the toptube you could see where they sanded down to primer and then just clearcooated over it! Al sent it back. Afew months later, the frame arrived. It looked good. I started building it up, then I noticed the paint was peeling off like dead skin. I took the frame back to Al. Al called Gianni to complain. I left the frame off with Al, but before I did, I grabbed his DATA BOOK and told him I will hold it hostage until the frame is done right. Al finally got the frame back and nothing was done to it. Al reached into HIS till and handed me a cash refund OUT OF HIS POCKET!! Note- the DATA BOOK hostage thing was in pure fun and Al knew it. Dave Maritnez

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