[CR]Command shifters, "The Rules", and other lists (maybe OT)

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Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 17:02:57 -0700
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Subject: [CR]Command shifters, "The Rules", and other lists (maybe OT)

First off Suntour's Command shifters were made from '91 to '94, which is out of the scope of the CR list. No big deal, this post may be a little OT too. OT questions are sometimes OK, but members really need to think about thngs before posting. We allget the years of production incorrect sometimes, Dale himself did so not a week ago. This is all fine and I know 99% of the list doesn't care about the occasional OT post, it's when people willfully flaunt or break a rule people get pissed. Sure when I read Neale's post I thought, "What the hell. . . it's a crosspost AND off-topic", but I just let it go because I've been there, sort of.

For those of you that may remember the firestorm around my first posts when I only signed them "monkeyman" which had been my online, and off-line, name for years. Sure I was angry and had some real bitter words with some list members, but after talking (or typing as the case may be) to Dale I mellowed right out. I'm now on fine terms with people who wanted me thrown from the list at the time. I don't like all of the list's "Rules", I doubt Dale likes 100% of them either, but after 10+ years in the online community I see the CR list as a refuge from lists like iBOB and tandem@hobbes. Sure I can only ask 40% of the questions I'd like but it's worth it to avoid all the SUV and helmet posts that plague all the other lists. You can try to direct the list in a direction, I do that sometimes.

My Dunelt post a few days ago was my attempt at gaining some information and getting more "classic" stuff talked about. I think the list is way to based in the 70's and 80's, but I'm not going to try to break the boundaries of CR, I just work within them-- maybe bend them a little even. What is "classic" will be changing in the future and with 50+ years of collecting left in me I know I'll see the changes. In many ways I wish I was born 20 years before so I would know as much about the transition to "10 speeds" as I do about the transition to mountian bikes.

If anyone out there still doubts the validity of Dale's "Rules" go check out the archives for Touring, T@H, and iBOB and think about the signal-to-noise ratio of this list. I was a member of iBOB for 5 years and watched it deteriorate to the point which I could no longer be a member. If "The Rules" keep this list from taking the same nose dive iBOB did I say more power to Dale. I'm sorry to have added more noise to the signal, but sometimes people need to be reminded what a special place CR is in the online world.

enjoy, monkeyman a.k.a. Brandon Ives

PS: If members can put of with stopping for red lights they can refrain from crossposting.

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