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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 10:42:17 EST
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Subject: [CR]Re: Medici Story, a vignette

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<< Important selling point to get us back to Carlsbad was Simonetti introducing us to Bill Recht who was negotiating to buy the Masi operation. Gian said everything would be paradise with the new owner and everything would be great. Well, the sale never happened, due to an ironclad clause in the original terms between Faliero Masi and Roland Sahm and an ego battle of two rich men. >>

That is so funny because I fairly vividly remember being at the New York Bike Show that year and hanging out in the double or triple space Masi booth.

One of the center points was a startling full chromed Masi, frame AND aluminum parts! At that time, I had never heard of any one chroming over aluminum. (Later this became a big deal in BMX bikes!)

Anyway, I remember being introduced to and listening to a somewhat (!) blow hard older guy, named Bill Recht, who was the "new owner" of Masi. Obviously this must have been just at the time that he and others thought this purchase was a done deal.

It must have been the same year that I chatted at length with Mario. I recall being attracted to his bikes and the workmanship but also my being a little put off by what I took as being mucho egocentrism (I know, blasphemy!) I took the picture of the stunning translucent goldish green Confente track bike:


Dale Brown