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Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 16:44:29 GMT

I meant to send this to the list as a whole, and instead it went to just Gareth. Any additions greatly appreciated ...

> I'm sure others will chime in on this one -
> There were two patterns of high-flange Normandy hubs. The basic Sport model
> was stock on some Schwinns, Peugeot U0-8s, and other basic bike-boom 10-
> speeds. A fairly widely used hub, to be honest, and pretty much similar to
> the
> basic Atom, Maillard, etc. hub. Basic quality - some folks used to polish
> the
> cones with Simichrome or toothpaste to smooth them up, and I seem to
> remember a
> Bicycling! magazine article on that trick.
> Up until a year or so back, Third Hand/Loose Screws listed an axle set,
> complete with cones, etc., for Normandy/Atom/Maillard hubs that (I think)
> was
> the correct one for Normandy Sports. Unfortunately, it hasn't been listed
> in a
> while. There are ZILLIONS of these around though, and probably enough that
> you
> can safely cannibalize them to keep a few going.
> The nicer pattern was the Normandy Luxe Competition. These had wider
> flanges
> with more machining to them (the outer section is thicker than the area with
> the oval cutouts) and were nicely polished. The gold label ones came stock
> on
> Peugeot PX-10Es. The red label ones seem to have been stock on Raleigh
> Competitions, and possibly some non-Peugeot French bikes.
> Sheldon Brown has written about these before, and if memory serves me, the
> cones are shaped differently from anything else - and there are no
> replacements
> available from anyone. Sheldon was also correct in noting a while back that
> they do not appear to have been available except as OEM parts - the set I
> remembered seeing in a box at the '98 Cirque was in a Maillard box, and were
> take-offs, as I discovered when I bought them at the '99 Cirque!
> <Either Sheldon, Jerry M. or Larry O. is encouraged to chime in here - how
> similar are the Maillard 700 series hubs used on PY series Peugeots, Raleigh
> RRAs, etc.?>
> The Luxe Competition was meant to be a top-line hub, and there are some who
> would argue that adjusted and maintained, they are as good as old Campy
> Record. I won't enter that argument, but I will note some quirks,
> observations, etc. about variations I have encountered -
> No-label - I've had Luxe Competitions that either never had a label, or it
> fell
> off. They're stamped with the same stamp used on Normandy Sport hubs, but
> have
> the distinctive flange of the Luxe Comp.
> dustcaps - beware of the thin metal dustshields! They are fragile and once
> removed, often nearly impossible to replace without damage. Some of them
> appear to be a bit sturdier, but why take chances? I'd recommend repacking
> them with the shields in place.
> I've had gold label ones with thin and thicker dustshields; also white
> plasticky dust shields similar to those used in the Maillard "Peugeot
> Trophee"
> hubs used on PX-10LEs.
> Red label ones will have either metal or red plastic/nylon/whatever shields.
> I've also encountered LOW-flange red label Normandy hubs - I think the last
> one
> of those I had went to a fellow listmember in '99.
> My take on them - they're great for restorations, but hard to find
> sometimes.
> I've found several gold label rears, and a fair number of red label fronts,
> most of them in the course of raiding the back rooms of a couple of long
> established bike shops. By comparison, I had a horrible time locating a gold
> label front, though - I have located exactly one loose front in nearly four
> years.
> Hope that answers some questions!
> Russ Fitzgerald
> Greenwood, SC
> > Hi,
> >
> > I appear to have a high-flange Normandy front hub on one of my bikes.
> I've
> > seen this crop up here a few times, but have been unable through searches
> on
> > the web to locate any information about these.
> >
> > Anyone got any basic info (who are they, do they still exist, what's the
> > quality like) ? That sort of thing?
> >
> >cheers
> >
> >G
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