RE: [CR]capacity of late SR rear derailleurs

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From: "Bingham, Wayne" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]capacity of late SR rear derailleurs
Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2001 14:31:27 -0500

Jon may be referring to the Ghisallo Cycles site (or, where it is indicated that the LATE model SR derailleurs had a redesigned cage plate that allows for a 29 tooth capacity. Interestingly enough, I was traveling recently in the Phoenix area and stopped in at Ghisallo (which is actually just someone's house) to look at a De Rosa frame. There I met Walt, who seemed to be the only guy doing this little business, even if he did keep referring to himself as "we". Walt does, indeed, have a supply of NOS/NIB last-gen SR derailleurs and reiterated the same story again to me. Not having another, earlier version to do a side-by-side comparison, I couldn't see an obvious difference. Walt seemed pretty sure and since I wasn't, I didn't question the validity of the claim. He was also a very nice fellow and was quite knowledgeable retro-wise. He has a fairly nice stock of SR and C-Rec stuff, mostly (but not all) NOS (but no real bargain either), as well as a lot of new Campy stuff. Also had a really nice TI Raleigh Team bike, circa about '83, on display, complete except for a chain. Walt said it had never been on the road, and it looked it.

I bought a pair of shield-logo hoods and a pair of Binda toe straps that had Cinelli embossing. If you're searching for something Campy, or a few other related odds and ends, Ghisallo is certainly worth a look.

Anyway, anyone know any more about this supposed redesign of the last generation SR derailleur?

Wayne Bingham
>>>> Hi all. I was just plowing thru a site which claims that older generation SR rear derailleurs have a rear cog capacity of 29 teeth. Is this true? I had always thought that 26 was the max (if I'm real careful w/ chain length and don't cross chain I've gotten 28 teeth out of my 84 NR, but just barely). Jon

Jonathan Cowden
Ithaca, NY