Re: [CR]re: Actual 1950 Coppi Bianchi for sale

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From: "Donald Dundee" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]re: Actual 1950 Coppi Bianchi for sale
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 11:30:43 -0500

This bike is not even _close_ to Fausto's famous bike. In fact, most of us had a laugh a few years back when this so-called "restoration" appeared in a VeloNews supplement. The stenciled on painted downtube graphics are quite laughable, as are most of teh other details, including those you pointed out.

I doubt there is any provenance with this cycle. Why would anyone in their right mind repaint/rechrome/ incorrectly outfit/ and use stencil and xerox machine graphics on perhaps teh most famous cycle in racing history. Anfd furthermore, who would even sell put it in the custody of such amateurs in the first place?

ken denny boston

>From: "Hilary Stone" <>
>To: classicrendezvous <>
>Subject: Re: [CR]re: Actual 1950 Coppi Bianchi for sale
>Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 16:19:13 +0000
>CR members may be interested to view what is claimed to be Coppi's 1950
>Paris-Roubaix winning bike for sale at F220,000. The rear derailleur is
>wrong as as are the brake levers and I think the callipers. It can be



>Hilary Stone