Re: [CR]Re: advice on Shimano 600 groupset

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Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 18:34:34 -0800
From: "Joseph Bender-Zanoni" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: advice on Shimano 600 groupset
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I presume this is the early group with the "arabesque" treatment. I think there is virtually no collector interest in these. At the enormous University of Michigan I have gone by a bike with this set rusting away for three years! The thieves will not even snip a $2 cable for it.


At 05:45 PM 2/15/01 EST, wrote:
>.............never having shod my bikes with Shimano products before I have
>recently acquired a used and partially incomplete 600 groupset missing
>seatpost and rear brake only, obviously condition determines value (this set
>is vgc), but is there much interest with collectors in this type of
>componentry, if so could anyone advise a suggested price to sell either
>complete or to split?
>Griff King-Spooner (London UK)