Re: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10

Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 21:35:12 -0500
From: Jerry & Liz Moos <>
To: Monkeyman <>
Subject: Re: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10
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Good point, I should have thought of that. All the PX-10s I have seen had forged Simplex DOs, with the rear at least marked "Simplex". Right rear has an integrated derailleur hanger, Simplex type, no notch or threading. UO-8s had stamped DOs, usually unmarked, and lacked the derailleur hanger.


Jerry Moos

Monkeyman wrote:
> The "real" way to tell the two apart is by looking at the dropouts. UO-8's
> have cheap stamped DO's and PX-10's have some kind of cast DO. Using this
> method you can tell the bike if its been repainted and stripped of chrome.
> Maybe this is the mechanics way but it's never failed me. Using this
> method I can get through a swap meet in record time since, in general, if
> the DO's are cheap so is the bike. I have known a few quality older bikes
> that have used stamped DO's, but I've never seen good cast DO's on a cheap
> bike.
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