[CR]Campag box going free

(Example: Production Builders:Peugeot:PX-10LE)

Date: 16 Feb 2001 03:23:55 -0800
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
From: <brucerobbins@worldmailer.com>
Subject: [CR]Campag box going free

Hello Everybody,

I have a Campagnolo Serie Pedali Strada box that I neither need nor want. It's in reasonably good condition and available to whoever wants it and is prepared to pay the postage from the UK.

Not being a box collector, I have no idea if this will be of interest to anyone but I thought I would ask before chucking it in the bin.

I was going to offer it on a first come, first served basis but, for a laugh, I thought I would give it (assuming anyone wants it!) to whoever makes the best case for ownership. Get those begging emails in now!

Bruce Robbins

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