Re: [CR]27" Sewups - The Question Clarified

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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 14:54:44 -0500
From: "Steve Freides" <>
Organization: Friday's Computer, Inc.
Subject: Re: [CR]27" Sewups - The Question Clarified
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This is very helpful indeed. With all due respect to Hilary, I've needed to move my brake shoes one too many times to agree that my rims are the same size as clinchers. The rims I've used and continue to use for the most part, if it matters, are Fiamme Ergal and Mavic's GEL280. In particular, the Fiamme Ergals are bigger, and I have to have the shoes as high as I can get them on most bikes just to barely avoid touching the tire.

-S- wrote:
> Steve,
> I use a DT 'Spoke Calc' which requires manual measurement of rims & hubs, and
> I can confirm that indeed, tubulars are a larger diameter than 700c
> clinchers. In fact, tubulars are closer to 27" clincher than they are to
> 700c clincher.
> For example: The largest tubular rim diameter I have in my data base is a
> Campy Lambda with a DT chart reading of 617. For comparison, a Super
> Champion has a reading of 612, which is the same as a contemporary Mavic SUP
> Tubular.
> For the 700c clinchers, some readings are: Campy Moskva - 599; Mavic Open
> Pro - 602; Mavic Reflex - 604; Sun MA 14E - 601; Wolber Alpine - 612;
> 27" clinchers: Araya - 621; Weinmann - 625;
> I have many more yet to be measured.........
> Hope this helps...


> Chuck Brooks

> Malta, NY