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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 08:46:40 -0700

Just wanted to add that most cities will have an industrial supply house for machine tooling and such (end mills, taps, files, etc). Just go in there and they can easily give you any tap you wish with the corresponding drill bit. Also the prices and/or quality of the items tend to be much better than bicycle related sources.

Dave Bohm Bohemian

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I find a 10 mm x 1 mm tap nice to have for the derailleur drop out. For just chasing threads, if you are courageous you can clean up with a 1/8" pipe tap (!) - just remember that it is tapered. If you go in too far, you have just made a unique 11 mm dropout. I haven't found matching derailleur mounting bolts for that size. Fortunately, I haven't needed one.

I also keep a pair of 9/16" pedal taps at home. Sometimes they are used for chasing threads -- just this week, in fact. More often, they are the instruments of blasphemy: I have converted a lot of 14 mm (French) crank arms to 9/16". The change is invisible, and it has been much easier not to worry about separate stocks of pedals for the bikes we ride.

Harvey Sachs

At 20:13 2/16/2001 -0800, alex wetmore wrote: >On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Tony Zanussi wrote: > > I would love to hear from all what taps and dies (sources also!) that you > > recommend for the minor work needed on small areas of bikes, or ANY that > > you have found usefull. I am not talking BB's, but mainly axles, > dropouts, > > metric for 5 and 6mm, and ANY other, including pedals. > >As a home mechanic I haven't found myself using anything more than >the 5mm and 6mm taps yet. > >5mm tap is really useful for cleaning up fender/rack eyelets on new >bikes (sometimes they aren't tapped after painting). I also use them >when drilling new eyelets into solid dropouts (did this on my folding >bike, which has big BMX style dropouts). > >The only time I can remember using the 6mm tap was to fix some Deore >XT II thumbshifters that I bought. They were $5 because the threads >for the clamp were really screwed up (someone tried to shove way too >big of a bolt into them). I drilled all the way through and retapped >for M6. They've been doing well since. > >If I were repairing pedal threads I'd probably use the Edco helicoil >style inserts. Loose Screws sells them, but they are too expensive >to have "just in case". > >alex > > >_______________________________________________ >Classicrendezvous mailing list > >

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