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From: "Eric Elman" <tr4play@home.com>
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Subject: [CR]Suzue Hub Question
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:27:38 -0600

I recently picked up a hub that I'd like to know what it is!

It is a SUZUE and is stamped SUZUE 3 F with a silver label and red print "LIGHT ALLOY C-P FINISH." It is high flange and looks like a Campy Record hub with slots, etc. The finish is a mirror like or chromed finish - brilliant! It is threaded for a freewheel, is spaced between locknuts at 110mm and the locknuts are huge - 24mm from flat to parallel flat! The axle is solid. 36 hole. Is this some sort of track hub? Is it's application something really obvious and I'm just in my "duh Eric" mode?

Thanks in advance,

Eric "another example of my perpetual confusion" Elman

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From: Bingham, Wayne
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Subject: RE: [CR]capacity of late SR rear derailleurs

> Jon may be referring to the Ghisallo Cycles site (or ridecampy.com), where
> it is indicated that the LATE model SR derailleurs had a redesigned cage
> plate that allows for a 29 tooth capacity. Interestingly enough, I was
> traveling recently in the Phoenix area and stopped in at Ghisallo (which is
> actually just someone's house) to look at a De Rosa frame. There I met Walt,
> who seemed to be the only guy doing this little business, even if he did
> keep referring to himself as "we". Walt does, indeed, have a supply of
> NOS/NIB last-gen SR derailleurs and reiterated the same story again to me.
> Not having another, earlier version to do a side-by-side comparison, I
> couldn't see an obvious difference. Walt seemed pretty sure and since I
> wasn't, I didn't question the validity of the claim. He was also a very
> nice fellow and was quite knowledgeable retro-wise. He has a fairly nice
> stock of SR and C-Rec stuff, mostly (but not all) NOS (but no real bargain
> either), as well as a lot of new Campy stuff. Also had a really nice TI
> Raleigh Team bike, circa about '83, on display, complete except for a chain.
> Walt said it had never been on the road, and it looked it.
> I bought a pair of shield-logo hoods and a pair of Binda toe straps that had
> Cinelli embossing. If you're searching for something Campy, or a few other
> related odds and ends, Ghisallo is certainly worth a look.
> Anyway, anyone know any more about this supposed redesign of the last
> generation SR derailleur?
> Wayne Bingham
> >>>>
> Hi all. I was just plowing thru a site which claims that older
> generation SR rear derailleurs have a rear cog capacity of 29 teeth. Is
> this true? I had always thought that 26 was the max (if I'm real careful
> w/ chain length and don't cross chain I've gotten 28 teeth out of my 84
> NR, but just barely). Jon
> Jonathan Cowden
> Ithaca, NY
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