Re: [CR]New chains for classic bikes

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Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 22:14:26 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]New chains for classic bikes

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> Also, are any of the currently sold SRAM chains a reasonable substitute
> for an old SedisSport on the preindex stuff?

As I reported recently in a post to, I asked the SRAM tech rep this question last time he was by the Cycle Center shop I worked at. He told me that SRAM had no stock of nor any way to make any more of the older, laterally stiffer Sachs and Sedis chains. He suggested that the 9-speed SACHS chains would be better for older friction-shifting bikes than the 8-speed versions, since the 9-speed chains were designed to be a bit stiffer laterally.

I will note, in addition to the above, that he didn't really seem to care about bikes with pre-STI/Ergo shifting systems at all.

Personally, I use Sachs PC-48's for everything except the fixed gear bikes and on them I run 1/8" BMX chains. The Sachs masterlinks seem to work quite well, better than those wretched Shimano one-use pins anyway. I was stunned and disappointed (once again) when the Cycle Center decided to from now on offer ONLY Shimano chains - probably because of issues concerned with generating maximum revenues. The only chain I have EVER had fail, in all my decades of cycling, was a Shimano 8-speed chain that broke due to rivit failure while I was climbing.

Glenn Jordan - Durham, NC