RE: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10

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From: "Don Andersen" <>
Subject: RE: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 02:10:24 -0000

I would love to jump in on this one but I am too tied up to reply in full. If the backs of the blades have a seam than they are not 531. I wouldn't put it past Peugeot to braze up 531 blades to one of those cheesy crowns either. Usually PX's came with Vaugner crowns if I am not mistaken. The one pictured is not. There was a model below the PX. I have two of them. One a '75 and the other a '67. The '67 can be seen in the Gallery of David Goerndt's PX 10 website. Actually both can be seen there. The '67 has Nervex Pro head and seat lugs. The filing and brazing on it are actually better than on my 67 PX. The '75 came with its original owners manual, touchup paint, pump and frame card which has PR 10 on it. Now I don't know if they called them PR's back in 67 but that is what I have been naming it until someone corrects me. Up, there they are. My kids are screamin' for their bedtime story. Gotta run!

Don Andersen Columbia somewhere

>Howdy all you Peugeot experts out there,
>I just got a Peugeot and I'm curious what I've got. (It's not in good
>condition but it was free so I'm not complaining). I'd be inclined to call
>it a PX-10 except for what seems to be too cheezy a fork crown. The tips
>the fork are Simplex to match the rear, and the paint and chrome seem to me
>to be identical, so I don't think it's a replacement fork. You can see
>I mean at
>The frame, in addition to the Nervex pro lugs as you see in the picture,
>the full Reynolds DB decal on the seat tube that says the blades are
>Reynolds. I wonder, did these blades ever have the Reynolds decals but
>'em? I see no trace. And didn't PX-10s have the matching Nervex crown,
>like on this bike:
>The workmanship on the frame is really sloppy. You can see a blob of brass
>on the downtube lug in the picture, on the forward-pointing point, and
>that's typical. The stay ends have all the burrs from slotting left on and
>brazed in place.
>Was there a lower model than PX-10 that had Nervex and Reynolds?


>Mark Bulgier