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Subject: Re: [CR]How To ID a UO-8 or PX-10
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 18:31:16 -0800

Mark, You have a PR10. The line of "P" Peugeots used to go: PA10, cheapest--steel cranks, cheap sewup wheels, Simplex criterium rear and prestige front, frame was all hi-ten with Simplex ends and no rear end chrome. Either aluminum Mafac levers with no hoods or nylon-body Mafac Racer levers

PR10: Similar to PA plus 531 3 main tubes, still cheap fork with a seam down the back of the blades, still stamped fork crown with a big gnarly weld across the bottom. Stronglight 49D cranks, same derailleurs as PA.

PX10: Full 531 eleven tube set, Nervex Pro or short-point depending on year, Nervex or BCM fork crown, Stronglight 93, Simplex Criterium front and rear, Brooks Pro--cheaper models had either low-end Ideale seat or cardboardlike French Brand X leather saddle. I have a BCM fork crown if you want to build yourself a PX10 looking high-quality fork for your new foundling.

Best wishes

David Feldman

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> Howdy all you Peugeot experts out there,
> I just got a Peugeot and I'm curious what I've got. (It's not in good
> condition but it was free so I'm not complaining). I'd be inclined to call
> it a PX-10 except for what seems to be too cheezy a fork crown. The tips on
> the fork are Simplex to match the rear, and the paint and chrome seem to me
> to be identical, so I don't think it's a replacement fork. You can see what
> I mean at
> The frame, in addition to the Nervex pro lugs as you see in the picture, has
> the full Reynolds DB decal on the seat tube that says the blades are
> Reynolds. I wonder, did these blades ever have the Reynolds decals but lose
> 'em? I see no trace. And didn't PX-10s have the matching Nervex crown,
> like on this bike:
> The workmanship on the frame is really sloppy. You can see a blob of brass
> on the downtube lug in the picture, on the forward-pointing point, and
> that's typical. The stay ends have all the burrs from slotting left on and
> brazed in place.
> Was there a lower model than PX-10 that had Nervex and Reynolds?


> Mark Bulgier